This is pretty weird. Here is an Arkansas fan's song in response to their loss to Louisana-Monroe this past weekend. I think I got about :30 seconds in before jumping. See if you can last longer...

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Carolinacajun142 months
Whoa....I'm i n love
soooooeeeeeeee weeeeee weeeeeeeee
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Kong142 months
1. Petrino wrecks bike with mistress

2. New coach is bankrupt

3. Now this

What a time to be a Hog fan, ya'll must be so proud!
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Macintosh504142 months
she sounds descent when she actually somewhat sings
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heypaul142 months
Jesus Hussain Christ!
DO NOT listen to this with head phones on!!
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fightingtigers98142 months
wow.. classic
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bayoutigernutjob142 months
good acoustics in that trailer! i think she missed the med cart after the game.
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geauxdaddy72142 months
I made 1 min even...but I dropped my laptop.
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Tigah in the ATL142 months
I think beating Ala 100-3 is a stretch when ULM punks your arse
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Ole Geauxt142 months
58 seconds and i spent most of them time trying to decide which pig had the biggest snout..
user avatar
Walt OReilly142 months
that was great
user avatar
Ignignot142 months
user avatar
lsutigernosaint142 months
:42 seconds.
user avatar
TheEye142 months
Holy Chirst on a cracker.
user avatar
Pankins142 months
:15 and that was pushing it
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