Updated: The worst Bama tatto ever cost this man $1,700.


Worst Alabama tattoo ever? Or best Ringling Bros. tattoo ever?

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Tiger Chemist141 months
That looks like an old female elephant having her last period.
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Mr. Shankly141 months
How long did it take this jackass to save up $1700?!
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boxcarbarney141 months
Hey look... Kool Aid!
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ManBearTiger141 months
I've definitely seen many far worse bama tatoos
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Broham141 months
That elephant is NOT good. It looks like his left tusk is coming from behind his ear.
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Celery141 months
I've seen worse. And it involves boobs.
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rutiger141 months
the elephant is actually really well done, that "red tide" at the bottom looks retarded though.
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Stephch2141 months
Doesn't he know that "red tide" kills an amazing amount of fish and aquatic animals each year! Don't think his little elephant should wade in it! Could be harmful to his health!
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MintBerry Crunch141 months
where's the:

Saban portrait

It just looks like a dying elephant. Blood on the ground, death in his eyes.
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lsuroadie141 months
I bet he wishes he had a 2ND CHANCE to redo that thing
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Woverw141 months
Take another picture of the guys back in about 50 years.
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Clyde Tipton141 months
Get that elephant a tampon...
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LSUChamp06141 months
Could just be a hardcore Republican.
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Tiger inTampa141 months
Putting aside the poor choice/taste of an entire back tat, the art work "aint" that bad.
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Cousin141 months
Sad little elephant
user avatar
PurpleGoldTiger141 months
Gumps gonna gump.
user avatar
StrangeBrew141 months
What are people thinking?
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