A photo on Reddit has emerged of AJ McCarron’s car outfitted with a parking boot in what appears to be a parking lot behind Bryant Hall, where he reportedly parked without a pass...

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When asked about the incident on Twitter, McCarron explained that the boot has since been removed...

"@clrusso2010 haha yep but got it taken off as soon as it happened"
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user avatar
vuvuzela136 months
you're killing your father larry
user avatar
plutonium55136 months
Photo shopped....Everybody knows Alabama players get whatever they want and could get by with murder. Huge NCAA investigation going to take bammer down, look for it to happen in two weeks.
Remember, you read it here first.
user avatar
Fat Bastard136 months
WHat do you do larry besides post silly articles here all day?
user avatar
Prometheus136 months
Did Saban fire the guy who did it?
user avatar
mwlewis136 months
His tail lights light up 10 when he uses the brakes.
user avatar
Mrs. Amaro136 months
God damnit Larry :(
user avatar
Trout Bandit136 months
Personalized license plates are for mouth breathers
user avatar
Woverw136 months
This is Tragic! JUST TRAGIC!!!

. . . what's for dinner?
user avatar
Bama98136 months
Larry, I think Anderson Cooper would like a private
user avatar
AUlove23136 months
Have to agree. This isnt news if this were any other team no one would care.
user avatar
tigerman03136 months
That's some douchetastic license plate
user avatar
ragincajunkarl136 months
Nice license plate, not gonna lie.
user avatar
heypaul136 months
is he parked beside Nick's Mercedes?
user avatar
Matisyeezy136 months
This is real, hard-hitting news.
user avatar
deathvalleyfreak43136 months
Nice car, wonder how he paid for it
user avatar
poncho villa136 months
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