Image Link is reporting this subtle car is what Mo Claiborne bought his parents after the NFL draft. How do they know? It's been seen in Shreveport as of late.

"This is the car Mo Claiborne bought his parents when he signed with the Cowboys. Mo is from Shreveport…so that should explain things,”
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JOHNN139 months
bg22 - 3 days ago
"There is also a car identical to that but says Dez in Shreveport."

Thats because its the same car. The DEZ logo is on the opposite side.
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plance139 months
Everything about the Cowboys are so...subtle.
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TheWhizzinator139 months
Per tweet from Morris-
"@MoClaiborne: That's not my car and I did not buy that for my parents. That's a friend of the family car. But I love it!!
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MikeJackon428139 months
That's not a car he bought his parents. It has Dez Bryant's name and number on the other side. The owner added Mo's name and number on the passenger side after he got drafted. BustedCoverage is wrong.
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jrous19139 months
take off the star and the number/name it looks pretty nice
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SOCAL TIGER139 months
I like the billboard better. But if his parents like it good for them.
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Tigah32139 months
Kid finally got enough money to buy his parents a vehicle. Is it my taste? No, but I'm not in a position to judge. He looked great against the Giants and I wish the former tiger all the luck in the world.
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bg22139 months
There is also a car identical to that but says Dez in Shreveport.
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Thracken13139 months
wow....that is all.
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