The company that says it provided deer-antler spray, a product that contains a banned substance, to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis also sold its goods to members of the 2012 national championship Alabama football team, according to a co-owner of the company.

And Christopher Key, the SWATS co-owner, told ESPN's Joe Schad on Wednesday he personally witnessed about five Alabama players spray what he sold them into their mouths.

"I showed them how to use it," Key said.
Key said about 20 players purchased the spray at a hotel room in New Orleans leading into the BCS national championship game against LSU. And he said he sold about 20 more bottles to players at the apartment of an Alabama player 10 days before the game. Read more here at ESPN.
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Tmacelroy12135 months
Doesn't take away from the embarrassing fact that we were completely shut out.
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AcetheTigah135 months
They seem shifty because they are worried about legal trouble
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Tiger inTampa135 months
So this magic deer spray not only gave the Gumps a huge physical advantage in the game it's magical properties also completely eliminated our Tiger offense and ability to make in-game adjustments...
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TigerJeff135 months
LSU Tigers 2011 National Champs... print the shirts
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plutonium55135 months
Same guy was on finebaums show a few years back and a guy called in and called him a liar and said he had to leave the last church he was attending because he was caught........wait for it......wait for it......

FOR LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ragincajunkarl135 months
Clearly not too big of a deal. ESPN would be going to code red with all the Breaking News alerts if the NCAA was going to take any action, which they won't. Nick Saban is too smart to let his players do anything stupid.
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guedeaux135 months
And these products don't do fricking anything, so who cares?
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funnystuff135 months
In all fairness, he also said he sold it to LSU players before the 9-6 win, so this is incredibly misleading.

As an aside, the guy says he supplied this product to the two winning teams of the two biggest games of the 2011 season, as well as the aging MLB star for the surprise Super Bowl participant Ravens. This dude is attention whoring the hell out of himself and spreading this stuff gives it unwarranted credibility.

I read that there was a professor who said that there is no way for this substance to have any effect on an athlete. Best case scenario, the guy is giving banned placebos. Time to let this whole thing die. It's just a sleazy business guy trying to make money by throwing anyone under the bus who will get him more attention.
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idlewatcher135 months they had to cheat to beat us. SWEET! lol jk
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HVAU135 months
They had the other guy, Mitch I think, on the OD this morning. Dude could not answer a question straight on.
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