Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman said it and not it's on a T-shirt and being sold at an A&M store...

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trickydick12130 months
Just wait if they win the shirt will have Sumlin in a Moses like position splitting the Tide...... I really do hate that t shirt company.

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Florida225130 months
Meh LSU did the same thing after 9-6. Way to be original.
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Dr RC130 months
funny thing is most Aggies loath the wannabe trendy trash that comes out of Aggieland Outfitters.
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Billy Ray Valentine130 months
"Nothing would thrill me more than seeing Manziel just get pummeled against Bama"

how about Manziel getting pummeled by LSU?
but I get your point
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Kong130 months
I don't like Bama much but I hate A&M more. Be careful what you ask for A&M!
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NorthLaTigerFan130 months
Oh, how I look forward to seeing Bama beat this arrogant bunch of garbage. Nothing would thrill me more than seeing Manziel just get pummeled against Bama.
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Settingthestandard130 months
Oklahoma St should say "We had a chance to play LSu but couldn't beat ISU and stay number 2 and fell behind #3 Bama in the polls as we should have and LSU should blame us not Bama as that's how the polls work".
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Herman Frisco130 months
Nick Saban was seen at Target with one of these T-shirts on.
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DoubleDown130 months
I've never seen a team have such a hard on after beating someone 1x. It's almost to the point of being sad.
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Mid Iowa Tiger130 months
Wow, I live in Houston and am pretty much surrounded by Aggies. The arrogance exhibited is strong. If they had history on their side it would be one thing, but in reality they are not an elite program. They had a nice run last year and a great marquee win on the road no less, but man are they going to wish they would not have done this.
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TJRibMe130 months
Agsy can't help but poke the bear.
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Navytiger74130 months
They've been in conference for one season and I already hate them more than Alabama.
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Spaulding Smails130 months
Aggies: Pepper Your Angus
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jdg91878130 months
Bama should respond with, "We control the NCAA. See Undeserved mulligans, Biased conference schedules, Poll Politics, and High profile prospect runners that accept gifts and jobs on Bama's staff that will never be invesitgated."
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NBamaAlum130 months
This couldn't backfire in any way whatsoever.
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