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The big game of the weekend is No. 3 Alabama vs. No. 6 Tennessee at Neyland Stadium
in Knoxville. Kickoff is set for 2:30pm CT on CBS and the Crimson Tide and currently 7-point favorites.

Fox Sports College Football analyst & former head coach Urban Meyer spoke with On3 this week about Saturday's matchup and thinks Tennessee might be able to get it done.

“If Bryce Young doesn’t play, I think this might be the week. I think Tennessee’s really good. I think Alabama’s shown some chinks in the armor, which means that’s like blood in the water to a shark. That team is going to be, and that crowd, there’s 15 years of build-up to this game for Vol Nation and really, for Tennessee alumni, the former players and the current players.”

"I see a wild event," Meyer said. "I see the crowd into it. I see Tennessee winning that game."
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tigerbutt16 months
I predict 52-49 Vols
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JackieTreehorn16 months
Irwin Miyerses is the goat
user avatar
Odinson16 months
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Nomadic Bengal16 months
wRiTInG iZ H4rD
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Jasharts7716 months
49-17 Bama ffs Fla threw for 450 on UT
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Between TheHedges16 months
He’s right

Tennessee 33 Alabama 18 FINAL
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SpartyGator16 months
Go Gata
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jvilletiger2516 months
Corch Irvin Meyers, Auburn’s next head corch
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TouchdownTony16 months
"I think Alabama’s shown some chinks in the armor, which means that’s like blood in the water to a shark."

I was talking to a lifeguard down in Gulf Shores last year and I asked what brings sharks close to beach. He said all the blood from chinks in the armor.
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TigerFan5555516 months
hes not wrong
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captainFid16 months
<< "I see a wild event... I see the crowd into it ... I see Tennessee winning..."

Wish I could 'unsee' Urban digging for gold last year.

Can't wait until he gets another coaching gig only to have to leave after 2 years. Dude has diminished much of his legacy [and in general, respect] he had going for himself.
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sewaneerebel16 months
The guy's name is Meyer, not Meyers.
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HarryBalzack16 months
Irvin Meyers. It's in the Congressional Record.
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