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ESPN College Football writers Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach revealed their updated Bowl after Week 4.

Kyle Bonagura: Fiesta Bowl (CFP) vs. Oklahoma
Mark Schlabach: Peach Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson
Bonagura: National Championship vs. Clemson

Bonagura: Citrus Bowl vs. Penn State
Schlabach: Outback Bowl vs. Penn State

Bonagura: Outback Bowl vs. Iowa
Schlabach: Citrus Bowl vs. Wake Forest

Bonagura: Sugar Bowl vs. Texas
Schlabach: Fiesta Bowl (CFP) vs. Oklahoma

Bonagura: Gator Bowl vs. Minnesota
Schlabach: Belk Bowl vs. NC State

Bonagura: Orange Bowl vs. Virginia
Schlabach: Sugar Bowl vs. Texas

Mississippi State:
Bonagura: Belk Bowl vs. Miami
Schlabach: Gator Bowl vs. Nebraska

Ole Miss:
Bonagura: None
Schlabach: Music City Bowl vs. Syracuse

Texas A&M:
Bonagura: Music City Bowl vs. Pitt
Schlabach: Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma State
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AlbinoGator53 months
Sugar bowl vs Texas sounds good
user avatar
OmniPundit53 months
The entire rest of the nation is tired of the SEC, and of Alabama vs. Clemson or a second SEC team in the NC game. The committee, not computers, select the final four, so they can actually pick and choose the 4 teams. My guesses: 1. Only 1 SEC team. 2. If both Alabama and Clemson make it in, they will end up playing each other in the first round. 3. My guess as the 4 teams (no particular committee ranking order): The SEC champion. Clemson. Oklahoma appears to be shoo-in. Ohio St., if not upset by Wisconsin; if that happens, then Wisconsin.
user avatar
FlyinTiger9353 months
Until we beat Alabama, we will not in the top 4.
user avatar
LSUNV53 months
I don’t know why they update this shite every week. This is one of the most ignorant polls in CFB
user avatar
FLBooGoTigs153 months
frick both of those bowl projections we going to the SHIP
user avatar
LouisianaLonghorn53 months
I just don't see either of those match ups generating a lot of ticket sales from LSU fans. It would be cool to go to the Orange Bowl, but against Virginia, really? Texas fans would love the opportunity to avenge their loss and beat the SEC representative for the 2nd year in a row, but I don't think Tiger fans would be as fired up about a rematch.
user avatar
genuineLSUtiger53 months
Orange Bowl vs Virginia. I’m down
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