Texas A&M Chancellor Jabs Texas About Selling Beer
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
On Wednesday, Texas announced they'll be selling beer at this season's football games. Texas A&M chancellor John Sharp looked at that as an opportunity to take a little jab at the Longhorns...
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Quid Pro Quo89 months
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Pavoloco83104 months
No need to sell beer at SEC events. Plenty of booze is consumed outside of the stadium and plenty makes its way into the stadium.
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cardboardboxer104 months
"Why is it always beer?"

Because beer companies pay more for exclusive stadium contracts than liquor companies.
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Klark Kent104 months
key phrase: "not reached the point".
soon, very soon.
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Dalfy15104 months
Why is it always beer? What if I want a nice margarita, or a gin and tonic?
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lsurulz1515104 months
Who needs beer when you have bubbles?
Lots and lots of bubbles
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ellunchboxo104 months
They would rather fuzzy navels and amaretto sours
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CCTider104 months
Yeah, Aggies don't need any booze. Besides, they're way more into poppers.
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Hester Carries104 months
There fans are used to guzzling other fluids.
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EddieHewitt104 months
They should SERIOUSLY consider it.
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hg104 months
They should consider it
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