On Thursday, Stanford head football coach David Shaw criticized the SEC's new scheduling format, which features a 6-1-1 layout–six games versus division opponents, one game against a permanent opposite division opponent, one game against a rotating opposite division opponent–and a requirement that beginning in 2016, each team will have to play a non-conference game against a team from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, or Pac-12. Here's what Shaw said...

ESPN Pac-12
Stanford coach David Shaw says he's curious how CF reacts to SEC w/ 8 conference games: "that's bigger than most people understand."
12:55 PM - 1 May 2014

ESPN Pac-12
Stanford coach David Shaw on SEC w/ 8 conference games: "don't back down from playing your own conference,"
12:55 PM - 1 May 2014

ESPN Pac-12
Fair to say that David Shaw, a coach who envisions his team in the playoff next year, is not happy with the SEC decision to play 8.
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Ignignot118 months
As far behind*
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Ignignot118 months
Sec isn't afraid to play it's own, last year lsu played uga and uf who was ranked at the time. Currently the west is the best division and lsu has to play aTm auburn and Bama. So you're little argument of us being afraid to play our own doesn't hold water. It's just some faux rebuttal that you pac12ers worked up to conVince yourselves that you're not nearly as far us as you actually are
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asurob1118 months
keep deflecting my question.
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olgoi khorkhoi118 months
rob, why is 8 conference games scared, but 9 not scared? Why not make it 10 or 11? Why 9?
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motorbreath118 months
8 SEC games + 4 cream puffs > 9 PAC 12 games + 3 cream puffs
I'm sure the PAC 12 and their fans would love for the SEC to play 9 conference games because it would be a competitive advantage for them. like a pickup basketball game spotting one side 2 points.
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Ace Ventura118 months
Why are the coaches and fans of other conferences so afraid of the SEC having an 8-game schedule?

It's okay if you admit it. The rest of us already know why.
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TigerintheNO118 months
The SEC champion will played 9 games against conferences opponents,
The ACC champion will played 9 games against conferences opponents,
The Big12 champion will played 9 games against conferences oppponents.
Seems like the Pac-12 is the only one major power having their champ play 10 games. (the Big 10 & MAC aren't factors in the NC race)
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asurob1118 months
Once again, you are deflecting the question guys.

Why are you afraid to play teams in your own conference.

If the SEC is so bad ass. One would think that they wouldn't need to pad their win-loss record with wins over powerhouses like North Texas or Furman. Yet every year you guys place two or more OOC games against these shite fest teams.

Why are you afraid to play teams in your own conference.

It's okay if you admit it. The rest of us already know why.
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wadewilson118 months
Rankings mean little when they're so heavily influenced by preseason polls. Fact is, most SEC teams play very weak nonconference competition. LSU actually does a pretty good job of regularly playing PAC and other BCS teams, but I wish we'd play 2 every year.
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roadhouse118 months
I totally understand why it's in your best interest to play 9 games against your own conference when your conference is full of sissies and garbage... maybe worry about your own house and its mediocre football instead of coming over here and telling the big boys how to play.
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Rebel118 months
The facts clearly point out that playing 8 SEC games every year is much more difficult than playing 9 conf games in any other conference. At some point last year all 7 SEC west teams were ranked.

Last year, Oregon played 3 ranked teams all year.

The SEC faced 5 ranked in their bowl games. The PAC-12 faced 1 and lost.

delusional and myopic? lol
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asurob1118 months
Awesome graphic Rebel.

Once again you avoided the question.

Why are you afraid to play teams in your own conference?

What is the point of being in a conference if you prefer to pad your record with easy wins.

We both know its about getting to the holy land of bowl games. At least admit it.
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Rebel118 months
asurob1, let's take some of the emotion out of it and look at the facts?

Here are some facts based on the final polls of the 2013 season. (I put teams in their 2014 Conf since this started as "scheduling" discussion)

Ranked Teams (plus "others receiving"):
SEC 7+(3) 10 ranked teams
PAC 10 6+(1) 7 ranked teams
ACC 4+0 4 ranked teams
Big 10 3+(1) 4 ranked teams
Big 12 3+(3) 6 ranked teams
AAC 1+(1) 2 ranked teams

Ranked teams

SEC Bowl Result
2 Auburn L #1 ACC
4 S. Carolina W #22 Big 10
5 Missouri W #17 Big 12
7 Alabama L #6 Big 12
14 LSU W NR Big 12
18 aTm W #23 ACC
24 Vandy W NR AAC

9 Oregon W NR Big 10
11 Stanford L #3 Big 10
20 ASU L NR Big 12
25 Washington W NR WCC

1 Florida St. W #2 SEC
8 Clemson W #12 Big 10
15 Louisville W NR ACC
23 Duke L #18 SEC

Big 10
3 Michigan ST W #11 PAC 10
12 tOSU W #7 SEC
22 Wisconsin L #4 SEC

Big 12
6 Oklahoma W #7 SEC
13 Baylor L #10 ACC
17 Oklahoma St. L #5 SEC

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tigahbait62118 months
He mad bro
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asurob1118 months
Lots of deflection...yet not one poster can answer the question of the point of being in a conference if you are too afraid to play your conference foes.

as expected.

SEC fan is really afraid to see reality.

Oh, of all the SEC teams out there...I have always given the most props to LSU (thus the reason I haunt this place) they actually play the toughest of schedules OOC I have seen out of the SEC. Granted they still schedule too many slippery Rock Us...but they are far better then most.
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STRIPES118 months
Well, PAC-12 fans before you criticize LSU for anything you should realize that LSU has beaten ASU, Arizona, Wasington, Oregon State, and Oregon. All in the past 10-12 years and LSU has beaten most of them twice.
Regarding the living in the past comment. LSU has played in 3 BCS Championship Games and won two of them. LSU last won the SEC WAY back in 2011. LSU just won 10 games last season. That makes it at least 10 wins in 7 of the last 9 seasons Miles has coached at LSU. Last year's LSU team ended the year by beating a Big 10 opponent (Iowa) in a New Year's Day Bowl. Living in the past? LOL.
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NYCAuburn118 months
Seems like other conferences realize the strength of the SEC. By mandating to play another conference, we arent backing down from anybody. If you think its unfair, schedule a game with the SEC and show them who is better, rather than wishing and hoping someone from the SEC will defeat another SEC team.

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adono118 months
Hey rob, cool your jets. You're getting all excited for nothing as your ASU won't even be in the discussion for a playoff slot. Save that frustration; you'll need it when the season starts.
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peccow206118 months
"Ah yes...SEC fan...self delusional myopic and not very bright. By all means continue to think that your conference is the greatest thing ever. Then continue to run from teams in your own conference cause you are scared.

What the hell is the point of being in a conference if you are unwilling to play teams in your conference.

The answer is there is no point."

And to LSU fan..still living in the past I see."

I tried to think of an intelligent response to this,but the best thing I can muster up is....LOL!

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RummelTiger118 months
Rob, what in the Hell are you talking about? You loon...
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