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Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and The Athletic is reporting that Ole Miss offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby is expected to be the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma under new head coach Brent Venables.

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Lebby, a 37-year old coach from McGregor, Texas, attended Oklahoma and just wrapped up his first year at Ole Miss.

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imjustafatkid27 months
Are we really supposed to believe Kiffin isn't calling the plays at Ole Miss?
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LSUmudman27 months
So my question is this… an OC hot because he had a hot QB? Ask Joe the fired OC at Carolina.
user avatar
tigerpawl27 months
Ask Joe, the former LSU Passing Game Coordinator, and next OC at Ole Miss.
user avatar
Oswald3127 months
Remember when ole miss mattered? Hahaha back to the bottom of the barrel bitches
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atltiger648727 months
Lane Kiffin is the brains behind Ole Miss' offense. They'll be just fine.
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Grateful Reb27 months
If I ever want to find news that's 3 days old, I know TD will never let me down.
user avatar
TexanTiger6827 months
Not impressed with him tbh.
user avatar
Jon Ham27 months
My grandma’s pet goat was named Lebbie!
user avatar
Gordy27 months
Uh oh...the first domino falls
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