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Austin Karp with Sports Business Daily recently reported that College Football Ratings on CBS, ABC, NBC and ESPN all posted significant declines this season.

Ratings on Fox were up due to their new deal with the Big Ten. Per

One of the best analysts at making sense of sports television and digital ratings is Austin Karp, the assistant managing editor of Sports Business Daily. Last week Karp examined the 2017 regular season viewership for college football and found that CBS, ABC, NBC and ESPN all posted significant declines this season. Fox was the one outlier, with record-high viewership thanks to its new Big Ten deal. Karp said ratings were not available for conference channels like SEC Network, Big Ten Network and Pac-12 Network.

Per Karp, here’s where the networks finished for average viewership for this year’s CFB regular season:

CBS: 4.951 million viewers, down 10% from 5.489 million in 2016.

ABC: 4.203 million, down 18% from 5.097 million.

Fox: 3.625 million, up 23% from 2.951 million.

NBC: 2.742, down 3% from 2.814 million.

ESPN: 2.155 million, down 6% from 2.300 million.

FS1: 819,000, up 4% from 743,000.
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bamagreycoat78 months
This is very bad news. As the demographics of this cesspool country continue to drastically change and the NCAA football loving babyboomers pass away, this downward ratings trend will only get worse.
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TouchdownTony78 months
Honestly I don't watch as much. Used to be Where a game on TV was a treat. Now there's just too many. Just one example, Wtf is Bama vs vandy doing on TV? Why is a&m vs LSU on. 90 percent of the country doesn't give 2 shites. Auburn and arkie?? The over saturation is killing football on all levels. The TV way since day one is if a little bit is good, a lot will be better. No.
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oliveandblue78 months
Games down to mid-tier FCS are on TV. LSU vs. A&M is one of the better ones.
user avatar
Bama and Beer78 months
Let's blame Bama
user avatar
PhilipMarlowe78 months
thanks trump
user avatar
OchoDedos78 months
CBS has too many damned commercials, 5hr games are ridiculus
user avatar
auzach9178 months
CBS down cause Alabama on it 6 times a week in blowout games. Then you have the east who was a joke. Only had like 3 good games the whole year.
user avatar
Everyone is loving their Grandma a little more this season.
user avatar
Gary Busey78 months
Thanks Obama!
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