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Heading into spring practice, released their annual list of top 10 programs in college football which included three teams from the SEC.

Top 10 College Football Programs:
1. Ohio State Buckeyes
2. Texas Longhorns
3. USC Trojans
4. LSU Tigers
5. Florida Gators
6. Michigan Wolverines
7. Alabama Crimson Tide
8. Florida State Seminoles
9. Oregon Ducks
10. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

No. 4 LSU Tigers:
No other program in college football has been depleted by early entries to the NFL (17 in last two years alone), and still continued to play at such a high level. That’s a credit to not only coach Les Miles and his staff, but to the program’s ability to attract players with the foundation in place. There’s no better stadium in college football, and the state of Louisiana is wildly underrated for high school talent.


No. 5 Florida Gators:
A year or two ago, Florida is top 2 or 3, and an argument could be made for No. 1. The geographic footprint for recruiting is unrivaled, the Gators are still the marquee academic/athletic school in the SEC and Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer made it a destination. The downturn under Will Muschamp was significant, but so are the aging facilities. Florida has plans for a new outdoor practice facility, but the upgrades can’t stop there – especially considering what’s going on in the rest of the SEC.

No. 7. Alabama Crimson:
Tide The absolute, unequivocal example of the power of one coach. Before Nick Saban arrived, Alabama had fallen into the trap of coaches who didn’t work – and a program that was in decay on and off the field. Saban arrives and wins, and the facilities are upgraded, the stadium becomes a palace and Alabama’s recruiting base is wherever Saban says it is. That doesn’t happen with Mike Shula. Or Dennis Franchione. Or Mike DuBose.
What do you think about these rankings?
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What did they use for criteria, prettiest colors, best fight song harmony, average price of gas? This list is awful?
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How old is this list..?
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Texas is a dumpster fire. FSU will return back to middle tier now that the crabby rapist is gone.
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Stopped reading at #2.
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