While on Always College Football with Greg McElroy this week, former Tennessee star QB Peyton Manning had some advice for his Vols when they go up against Alabama this weekend...

“To beat a team like Alabama, everybody’s got to step up. You’re gonna need a few breaks to go your way,” Manning said. “It’s been a while since the University of Tennessee has had a game of this magnitude. ESPN College GameDay is going to be there… should be rocking.”
(The Spun)
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CajunBullet17 months
Well Peyton's "Two Cents" was well worth it. The Vols beat the Elephants!
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JackieTreehorn17 months
frick you bitch
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udtiger17 months
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jacquespene817 months
The key to stopping Bryce young is don’t let him have wide open receivers to throw to.
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FlexDawg17 months
He won’t be playing
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KCSunshine17 months
Still hard to believe Tenn didn’t have more success with Peyton. They were good but not awesome. Those were years of Spurrier ,Bowden
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Cheese Grits17 months
1) Buy funnels
2) Buy tubing
3) Buy cheap boxed wine
4) ????
5) Profit
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Kk7417 months
1. Score more points
2. Stop them from scoring points
3. Empty the play book
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Draino5417 months
Gameday was there 3 weeks ago. It was rocking then
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Pelican fan9917 months
Tennessee will win. It's gonna be wild they will burn Knoxville to the ground celebrating this one. It's been that long since they've won a big game
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biglego17 months
1) Step up
2) breaks go your way

Riveting analysis
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ShakeandBake17 months
Obligatory frick 10RC
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TooSober17 months
"You gotta know your cliches.... they are your friend."
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