ESPN's Paul Finebaum thinks there are three teams that have a chance at taking down Georgia this season...


"Within the SEC, Alabama will be the best bet. That does not take a rocket scientist to come up with. Outside, I like Ohio State. There's still an issue about how the quarterback situation will land but other than that, that team probably has as much talent, if not more than anyone in the country. If you're looking for a wild card, there is USC with Caleb Williams, but having said all that, I do think Georgia is going to do what no one has done," Finebaum said.
(The Spun)
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LSUSkip10 months
How did I know Bama is one of them? There are more questions about this Bama team than I can remember of any during Saban's tenure, but yeah, they can beat Georgia. Newsflash, the Bama dynasty is dead. No, they won't beat Georgia, and they may not make an SEC Championship again for the foreseeable future. I guess as long as Saban is there, they'll get all of the pre-season pub though.
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Smoke Test10 months
Rent free
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TouchdownTony10 months
More questions? Well except for 2008, 2011 or maybe 2014 or wait, 2016, no no 2020.
I remember every single one of those years people saying Bama was dead. The O line returns the best Tackle/Guard in the SEC in JC Latham and Center Seth McLaughlin, ALL 3 receivers in Brooks, Prentice and Burton. The DL returns what will be an All american and first round pick in Jaheim Otis and LB Dallas Turner and Kendrick Blackshire is projected THIRD team after injuries forced him to start some last year. The RB's return Jase McClellan and Roydell and added Justice Haynes. 3 starters are back from the defensive backfield in kool Aid, terrion Arnold and Malachi Moore and did I mention the best kicker in America in Will Reichard. Most of these guys were first year starters last year. What a difference a year can make as you know.
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TrueLefty10 months
Don't be surprised if Alabama beat LSU this season.
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TerryDawg0310 months
I'd love it, but Dawgs won't win three in a row. Just going with the overall odds of it happening combined with a new QB and OC.
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Tigah Jr10 months
Pencil neck deep throating the ole Dawgs. For shame, Pawl, for shame.
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s210 months
Phlimbaughm is such a tool. he is predictable when it comes to predicting winners each season. USC bowl game loss to Tulane and Ohio State can't win conference championships or natty's.
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BobABooey10 months
Georgia is lucky they don’t have Georgia on their schedule this season. We’ve seen it over and over again where Alabama lost a game because “only Alabama can beat Alabama.”
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TT10 months
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caleb0710 months
UGA is now Thug U
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