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Ross Dellenger with Sports Illustrated reported Friday morning that the NCAA is considering four timing changes to shorten college football games.

Here are the four proposals under consideration, according to Dellenger:

The four proposals under consideration:
1) Prohibiting consecutive timeouts (ie icing kicks)
2) No untimed down at end of 1Q/3Q
3) Clock runs after 1st downs except inside of 2 mins in a half
4) Clocks runs on incompletions once ball is spotted

High-ranking college football leaders have been reviewing four specific changes to clock rules, two of which are considered non-controversial, one that has garnered wide support and a fourth that has left some divided. The non-controversial proposals include (1) prohibiting consecutive timeouts (ie, icing kickers) and (2) no longer extending a first or third quarter for an untimed down if the quarter ends on a defensive penalty (the down would be clocked starting the next quarter).

While those are considered to be incremental changes that will save only a fraction of time, the other two proposals are more significant.

In a third proposal that is garnering wide support, the clock will continue to run after an offense gains a first down except inside of two minutes in a half. In a more controversial fourth proposal, the clock will continue to run after an incomplete pass once the ball is spotted for play.
Here is the official release from the NCAA:

The committee anticipates the adjustments, which were finalized Friday in Indianapolis, would modestly reduce the number of plays in the game, something the committee will study closely during the 2023 season.

If approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on April 20, the game clock will continue to run when a first down is gained. Currently, the game clock stops when a first down is gained, and the clock restarts when the offense is awarded a first down. The game clock will continue to be stopped when a first down is gained during the last two minutes of either half.

"This rule change is a small step intended to reduce the overall game time and will give us some time to review the impact of the change," said Kirby Smart, co-chair of the committee and coach at Georgia.

The committee is recommending two other adjustments intended to continue to reduce breaks in the game:

-Teams would be prohibited from calling consecutive team timeouts.

-Penalties at the end of the first and third quarter would carry over and be enforced on the first play of the next quarter.
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tigerinthebueche11 months
How bout fewer/shorter commercials?
user avatar
GetmorewithLes11 months
Cut the commercial breaks to 2:00 min from the 3:00 plus they run now.
user avatar
Jay Quest11 months
Why not keep the clock running while ESPN and CBS run their endless string of commercials?
user avatar
atltiger648712 months
and I'd also limit the time for video review of a play. If they can't figure it out in 60 seconds, the call on the field should stand. Got to keep the game moving.
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atltiger648712 months
I've been in favor of no consecutive timeouts for a long time. And I'd even prohibit consecutive timeouts regardless of which team calls them or whether they're coming out of a TV timeout. And for god's sake, shorten the length of the TOs (some of them go for 4 minutes due to TV).
user avatar
GoldenGuy12 months
My favorite 20 minutes of any football game: Commercial, Quick TD, Commercial, Kickoff, Commercial, 1st and 2nd downs, injury timeout, Commercial, 3rd down, punt, commercial.
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wallowinit12 months
It's not the fricking GAME, It's the COMMERCIALS!
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