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Oh, little Lee Corso. During ESPN's “Season Preview” of “College GameDay,” Corso made a statement about the SEC not being the best conference in the nation anymore...
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I guess there' not a lot of air in those mascot heads.
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Imavol116 months
Sec is the dominant conference period. Check the stats haters
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FlappingPierre116 months
The dude is bound for another stroke soon
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Recruitingjunkie117 months
Who cares what he thinks? Talk is cheap. What credibility does he have to his name with those dumbass picks he makes.
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rileytiger117 months
He has a point. The SEC East is a little weak.
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tigernation56117 months
guess he wont be disappointed when sec wins again
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trippnbama117 months
"And Lee Corso is almost always wrong." True,but in the immortal words of Lee Corso,fuk it.I'm gonna miss the old fart next year.
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Signal Soldier117 months
Just setting up for the launch of Pac 12 network TV in a few years, after the success of the SEC channel
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runningTiger117 months
espn wants two conferences to excel: pac 12 and big 10 because when those conferences do well, they get more viewers. that's why almost everyone espn hires is pac 12 or big 10.
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RandySavage117 months
You don't think the BCS was subject to biases? lololololololol
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CNB117 months
It's called ratings, people.
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Unobtanium117 months
Lee Corso's qualifier of "top to bottom" *may* be close to being correct - maybe. But nine SEC wins out of 16 BCS games, and the only conference to (rightly or wrongly) place two teams in the championship game cannot be matched.
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CheerWhine117 months
Politics, plain and simple. The committee will be subject to biases that the BCS was not, and this is just an attempt to influence them for December.
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TigerNSac117 months
During the BCS Era, the SEC is still the best conference. Championships defined a teams and conferences. Corso, Herbstriet, Smith, and Musberger (he is changing a new leaf to remain relevant) are all SEC haters. I am surprised the SEC network wanted him. He old and tired, and the SEC network should have gotten an SEC person or someone pro SEC that is fresh than a Big 10 (Northwestern) and Pac 12 (Oregon) homer.
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Diddles117 months
And Lee Corso is almost always wrong.
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