Lane Kiffin Went Full Vince Carter After Mississippi State On Thanksgiving
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Ole Miss beat Mississippi State 31-21 to take home this year's Egg Bowl trophy. When the game ended head coach Lane Kiffin went full Vince Carter...
(The Spun)
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how33327 months
He’s so immature. Still.
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Robber DeNiro27 months
More like Clarence Carter
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TouchdownTony27 months
Didn't know until last night ole miss had never had a 10 win regular season. I mean, damn. Seriously. Vandys had those.
user avatar
JustGetItRight27 months
Vandy’s never had a 10 win season at all, much less 10 in the regular season.
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Hurricane Mike27 months
‘03 Sec West Co Champs
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Giantkiller27 months
I wish he'd have walked to the Miss St student section and pulled a Hendo.
user avatar
soccerfüt27 months
I wish the same were true of Larry Leo’s journalism career.
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caleb0727 months
Jerk off.
user avatar
TMRebel27 months
We don't need to know your evening plans.
user avatar
weremoose27 months
He can't help it, TMRebel. Your mom's nudes just leaked and some guys like the BBWs.
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