Is This Lane Kiffin Flushing The Toilet While On The SEC Coaches Teleconference?
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I'm so happy Lane Kiffin is back in the SEC. After bouncing around the last few years from program to program, you can tell he gives zero fricks about anything. On Thursday, he was heard flushing a toilet during the SEC Coaches Teleconference. Language NSFW near the end...
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ManBearSharkReb42 months
Love this guy
user avatar
jatilen42 months
Says "Limited explosive plays" and then we hear a toilet is flushed...ROFL
user avatar
rattlebucket42 months
Thats just some freshwater going down the drain
user avatar
RunLindsayRun42 months
user avatar
Drizzt42 months
Never change
user avatar
dagrippa42 months
I hated him at Tennessee but I really like the guy now. He's his own man.
user avatar
SomeLSUguy42 months
This guy... In his head, that eminem song - I just don't give a f**k is playing on repeat.
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