You think you made an impact back in your college days? Peyton Manning has you beat yet again. There are 19 freshmen named in his honor who began taking classes this fall at the University of Tennessee.

Torchbearer ­(h/t’s Bryan Fischer)—Tennessee’s alumni magazine—reports that a wave of students bearing the name “Peyton” or “Payton” have matriculated into the school’s freshman class. Many were named after Manning, who came into his own and began laying waste to college football defenses for the Volunteers 18 years ago.
You think those Oklahoma fans' kids named "Adrian" and "Peterson" are gonna hate their parents in a few years?
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HarryBalzack113 months
Bama used to have a get together every year for people named "Paul" and/or "Bryant." It attracted a shitload of folks.
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chalmetteowl113 months
and that number's only gonna rise for a while
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runningTiger113 months
and there were also 18 freshman at tennessee named payton or peyton in 1994 when peyton manning enrolled at tennessee

stupid post post stupid
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cwil177113 months
Can't wait to see the wave of kids named Barkevious at LSU.
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CarRamrod113 months
Dont act like people here dont do that. Look at all the people that named stuff/kids after drew brees or sean payton after the super bowl.
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Walking the Earth113 months
That's a little too cult-like freaky, to be honest.
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