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According to the ESPN's Football Power Index, the Georgia Bulldogs are the favorite to win the SEC.
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Here is what Georgia's remaining schedule looks like:

@ Arkansas
vs. Florida*
@ Kentucky
vs #6 Auburn
vs Charleston Southern
vs Georgia Tech

What do you think? Can the Bulldogs win the SEC this year?
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rambeau504117 months
RollTears, Florida has an easier schedule, but I wouldn't get upset. Florida's garbage... but still probably #2 in the east hahaha :lol:
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southernboisb117 months
Looks like the Piggies were taken to market! >;-)
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daw9117 months
Dawgs on top the rest of the way. And we get more weapons back soon, hopefully.
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HailFreezusOver117 months
They are not the favorite to win it?! Learn to read data.. They are the most likely to get to.. The sec championship game... Whoever wins the east will be favored...

Stop printing misleading headlines
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demtigers73117 months
UGA might win the east but who cares, the west is undefeated against the east so far this season, the west is a different animal!
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TOKEN117 months
How bad would Miss St beat Georgia? ESPN is trolling us.
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LSUsuperfresh117 months
UGA will finish with no less than 3 SEC losses. If that wins the East, then okay.
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PanhandleDawg117 months
Hilarious ESPN! The Pigs are going to beat UGA this weekend.
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GoldenDawg117 months
Nice to see some sanity brought back to college football reporting. If we had Gurley, ESPN would have Georgia as Super Bowl favorites. And rightly so.
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ChexMix117 months
Arkansas will beat Georgia
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ruckusdawg117 months
Finally someone at espn gets it right....doubters can lick a chocolate starfish
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DawgfaninCa117 months
Sounds good to me. Go Dawgs!!!
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11thACR117 months
UF has a chance to win the east, Auburn can't win the west
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Pavoloco83117 months
What a fricking joke. ESPN. Please.
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CayceCock13117 months
I'd guess b/c they're in the east, easier chance to get to the SECCG to have a chance to win the SEC.
user avatar
RollTears117 months
How in the frick does Florida have a better chance than Auburn!?
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Jawja_Joe117 months
Love it!
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