Panthers QB and Auburn alum Cam Newton was in Atlanta on Thursday for his foundation’s annual 7-on-7 tournament. That's where he told four-star prospect Mekhi Brown, an Alabama commitment for 2015, he choose the wrong SEC school.
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Brown said...“(Newton) was just like Alabama ain’t where I need to be. He was talking to one of my teammates who had on an Alabama visor. He was talking about how he needed to get an Auburn visor and stuff like that. It was crazy,”
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TTsTowel121 months
Cam Newton; the gift that never stops giving.
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SECdragonmaster121 months
The melt goes on. Cam is still in bammers feeble little minds.

They cannot let it go.

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coonass27121 months
"was just like Alabama ain’t where I need to be."

Sounds like he needs to be back in grammar school.
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imjustafatkid121 months
As a Bama fan, I have to wonder why this is news. What else should a former Auburn player be saying to recruits?
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ChexMix121 months
Crazy generous
user avatar
abellsujr121 months
user avatar
Luke121 months
Poor wording on the article title Larry...
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AU03ALUM121 months
Riveting comment TT9. God damn you always come with the new shite. Now I hate Cam.
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Lieutenant Dan121 months
Brown to UF/Blinn/AU
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Pavoloco83121 months
Just got back from North Cobb HS where Cam is holding his camp. nephew got his autograph. Lots of talent at that camp. Tyler Queen (AU commit) looked awesome. Big Kid.
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TT9121 months
If a school payed me 180,000, I'd talk them up too.
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Pavoloco83122 months
Cam's right. Auburn is the current cool school. Malzahn has the buzz factor going.
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wartiger2004122 months
Big Deal Larry.
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La Place Mike122 months
I thought this was going to be an article about how Cam wished he had gone to Moo State.
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Signal Soldier122 months
An alum and school rival, trying to sway a kid's decision. Cool!!!!!
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