Auburn DE Marlon Davidson Ripped Into Refs After Loss To Georgia
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Auburn DE Marlon Davidson called out the officiating after Saturday's loss to Georgia. Per

“It felt like they were against us,” defensive end Marlon Davidson said. “I cannot lie about that. It hurts because I feel like some of the calls should’ve went the other way, for sure. They were getting more calls than we got, but (I) can’t speak on the refs; that’s their decision to make. But, you know, it just hurts when you see games being taken away by refs.

“You have to beat the refs and the team. That’s very hard to do, no matter what team you are.”
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chimneylooker53 months
"They were getting more calls than we got," Penalties UGA - 7-56 Auburn - 4-35 They were getting more calls? huh?
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187undercover53 months
I'm so tired of people blaming refs at every level. If you are good enough you will win. Period.
user avatar
ByUselves53 months
Auburn has a lot of nerve talking about officiating. Bad calls happen, but it seems they have generally gotten more calls than not.
user avatar
KingDaddyRabbit53 months
Every time those Auburn crybabies get beat they cry about the officiating like crybabies.
user avatar
SamGinn Cam53 months
Rich af coming from an LSU fan lmao
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RandySavage53 months
The reason we lost is because our offense had 0 points over 3 quarters in the game. I didn't think the refs were that bad though I disagreed with the overturn of the Seth Williams catch. However, we had a gimmee 4th down conversion like 2 plays later we of course didn't execute. I think Marlon is just frustrated with the offense but can't say that publicly.
user avatar
awestruck53 months
. . . or simply just tired of being held all year long.
user avatar
vjp81953 months
you beat me to it
user avatar
vodkacop53 months
This the same guy who whined after their loss to LSU?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn53 months
“Can’t speak on the refs.” Unleashes on the refs.
user avatar
Hoops53 months
“With all due respect”
user avatar
jcaz53 months
Auburn: WhineAboutRefsU
user avatar
Texas Weazel53 months
That has always been and will always be LSU.
user avatar
Cobb Dawg53 months
Marlon must be talking about another game than the one I watched yesterday.
user avatar
SidetrackSilvera53 months
Somewhere, Ronnie Prude is reading this and laughing.
user avatar
athens-ga53 months
poor fella
user avatar
lsutiger201053 months
Loses to LSU, complains about refs. Loses to Georgia, complains about refs. Hmm
user avatar
WhiteMandingo53 months
Sec will do anything to ptotect a team getting in the Playoff. I hate auburn but they got shafted from the refs. It didnt help having your offense only showing up in the 4th quarter.
user avatar
Erin Go Bragh53 months
Move your campus closer to Birmingham Marlon. I hear the proximity helps.
user avatar
Luke53 months
Truth hurts... refs gotta protect that best op at the playoffs for the $$$
user avatar
Mahootney53 months
Coming from Auburn, that's cute. 2006 LSU would like a word with you.
user avatar
KennabraTiger53 months
I love how the ref announced to the crowd what the penalty was, then talked more with the other officials, then waived off the flag. A bunch of horse shite
user avatar
dbeck53 months
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