After losing to Alabama 81-62 at Friday's SEC Tournament, Auburn coach Bruce Pearl and Alabama's strength coach got into a little scuffle...

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Bama thinks everyone should bow down to them
Reply5 days
Head coach should always have the right away, if you are an assistant coach get out of the way. If the head coach hold all the responsibility for the team they should get a good parking space, the big piece of chicken, and folks to let them walk off the court.
Reply6 days
Pearl expected him to move. Strength coach had position, feet were set, Was not a block, but rather it was a charge. ;)...
Reply7 days
Bama so trashy
Reply7 days
Was this just an excuse to see Rutledge again? If so, I can accept that.
Reply7 days
Have another donut, Bruce.
Reply7 days
what is it with Auburn and losing it during post game handshakes.
Reply8 days
Too many roids for Bama strength coaches. All social retards.
Reply8 days
Jeez even Bamas strength coach has terrible hair
Reply8 days
Pearl needs his mouth adjusted.....maybe next time they play again
Reply8 days
I honestly didn’t see anything, watched like 10 times
Reply8 days
Me too. Stop trying to manufacture stories.
7 days
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