Former Auburn guard Aden Holloway has transferred to Alabama for the 2024-25 season. Although it hasn't been confirmed, it seems like Bruce Pearl's daughter, Jacqui, had a message for Holloway shortly after it was reported that he was leaving...
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Jwils1 month
It wasn't enough to tell us what every opposing coach says or thinks, now you have to "report" what their kids and wives say too? SMH
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Chad4Bama1 month
Riveting. Thanks for reporting on this.
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lsuson1 month
user avatar
VooDude1 month
Since when did people start talking with emojis? Dipshit society these days.
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GusAU1 month
It annoys the hell out of me also, but are you really just noticing this for the first time? This has been going on for years now.
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Cracker1 month
lucky she didn't go to jail LINK
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TFH1 month
Looks old enough to be his wife. She’s like 60
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Hangit1 month
She is one of those creepy eyebrow women.
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