Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl posted a photo of his team honoring the Tigers’ football program by running Jordan-Hare Stadium. Good for you coach, just don't host a barbecue after...
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WG_Dawg121 months
That picture has almost the same amount of people in it as an auburn home basketball game.
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Nimbus2000121 months
stadium's not that big
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Pavoloco83121 months
Other basketball coaches dont make their players run stadiums in the off season? Why is this news?
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chesty121 months
Fitness is key, I like that Pearl is a little unconventional at times. It keeps the players engaged and involved.
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NYCAuburn121 months
Larry, did you do you homework?
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rabend1121 months
Bruce Pearl made the team. Great for him.
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SECdragonmaster121 months
do not try to be funny larry.

do not make fun of The Pearl.

this is your one warning.
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Hester Carries121 months
"Bruce Pearl Makes Auburn Basketball Team Running Football Stadium"

Larry Leo make try to speaking English.
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FAF121 months
The competition is in the gym working on their game.
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