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MLB Draft - July 14 thru 16

Posted on 7/2/24 at 12:15 pm
Posted by Farmer1906
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Posted on 7/2/24 at 12:15 pm
With so many current players & commits in the mix for the draft, lets talk about it here a little.

Perfect Game Draft Projections - with slot value added
Braden #4 - Athletics: $8,370,800
Wyatt Sanford #33 - Twins: $2,766,100 (for Sonny Gray)
Sawyer Farr #54
- Cubs: $1,681,200
Chris Cortex #144 - Mets: $476,200
Drew Rerick #172 - Angels: $366,100
Ryan Prager #210 - Padres: $268,000
Sam Erickson #239 - Reds: $217,400
Ali Camarillo #265 - Guardians: $195,700
Bryce Navarre #266 - Tigers: $195,100
Cooper Williams #279 - Orioles: $189,000
Terrence Kiel II #285 - Rangers: $187,100


A few notes on the Mock



4. Athletics: Braden Montgomery, OF, Texas A&M (No. 8)
If the Guardians don't take Bazzana, he probably becomes an Athletic. Condon and Caglianone also would be easy choices if available. If not, Oakland would peruse the rest of the top tier of college bats: Montgomery (who broke his right ankle in the NCAA Super Regionals), Wetherholt and Wake Forest first baseman Nick Kurtz.
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Posted on 7/10/24 at 3:12 pm to
Schloss acted like a bozo on his way out, but the guy could turned out a massive roster. We got enough depth right now for a top draft class and a top returning roster

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Posted by Farmer1906
The Woodlands, TX
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Posted on 7/11/24 at 1:42 pm to
Fangraphs Mock


4. Oakland Athletics
Pick: Braden Montgomery, RF, Texas A&M
This is where there starts to be more variability. I think the dream scenario for Oakland is for Condon or Wetherholt to go first, then for Cags and Burns to go two and three in some order, leaving Bazzana for the taking at pick four. I think they’d prefer Bazzana to Wetherholt if both were available here. Nick Kurtz has been mentioned, though I have other people telling me he’s falling. But the most frequent industry chatter has Braden Montgomery with Oakland. If there’s a trend in Oakland’s early selections, it’s less about a type of player they’re into and seemingly more about location, with a preference for guys in the Southwest or on the West Coast (Jacob Wilson, Max Muncy, Daniel Susac, Henry Bolte, Cole Miller, Denzel Clarke). Montgomery spent two years at Stanford and one at A&M.
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