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i love charles is why
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Charles Barkley on SEC rival: ‘Georgia the only school that they named their mascot after the women’
Updated Apr 27, 2021; Posted Apr 26, 2021

By Mark Heim |

Charles Barkley’s shot at Georgia wasn’t received well.

The former Auburn star and NBA on TNT analyst took a shot at the Tigers’ rival when discussing highlights from a Los Angeles Lakers game featuring former Georgia star Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Barkley quipped, “Georgia is the only school in the world that they named their mascot after the women down there.”

For the record, Georgia’s mascot is the Bulldog.

Ernie Johnson Jr., a Georgia alumnus, replied, “Oh, that’s so totally uncalled for.” He later said he was “not even gonna dignify that with a response.”

Some took it as a little ribbing between SEC rivals. Others not so much.

Barkley has always been a lightning rod when comes to his SEC allegiance.

In February, Barkley called the conference’s fan bases the worst “in history of civilization.” The former Auburn basketball star was discussing “irrational fans” when he made the connection to the SEC

In 2014, Barkley took a shot at women in San Antonio.

“Some big ol’ women down there (in San Antonio),” he said. “That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers. Victoria is definitely not a secret. They can’t wear no Victoria’s Secret down there.”

Mark Heim is a sports reporter for The Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Mark_Heim.

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re: i love charles is why
He says what a lot of us think

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re: i love charles is why
I would’ve went to Alabama, if my grades weren’t good enough to get into Auburn.

- Sir Charles

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re: i love charles is why
Should of run for Senate.

He'd be a breath of fresh air and Mark Emmert's worst nightmare.

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re: i love charles is why
Proud to have
wiped his sweat!

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re: i love charles is why
From Sports Illustrated, Feb 21, 1983 LINK


At Auburn last Saturday, before the Crisco Kid could tear down a single backboard with one of his refrigerator slams or add to his hefty career statistics against Kentucky, Barkley was thrown out of the game, exactly 113 seconds after it started, for deliberately swatting Wildcat Charles Hurt's head from behind.

Barkley's blow was a retaliatory gesture that came after Hurt, no shrinking violet himself, had knocked Barkley to the floor on Auburn's first possession and then, moments later, had viciously body-blocked him down the side of the lane and all the way into the end-zone press table. But Referee Paul Galvan, one of the best, saw only the Tiger's paw.

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re: i love charles is why
Barkley is amazing.

He's is one of those personalities that can totally get away with the stuff he says. In this day and time of 'political' correctness, that's incredible..

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