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The Clarion-Ledger is reporting that Ole Miss offensive lineman Roderick Taylor was arrested Sunday on suspicion of shoplifting. He was released a few hours later.

"We are gathering facts on the matter, and if appropriate, we will address it accordingly with Rod internally," coach Hugh Freeze said in a statement.

Taylor placed but allegedly failed to pay for two bags of charcoal in a basket underneath his shopping cart while going through a self-checkout line, a source said. The source added his understanding of the case was that Taylor did so by accident and would have to go to court and pay the amount, approximately $40, before the charges would be thrown out.
Taylor appeared in 10 games last season while but was limited with a shoulder injury. He has missed spring practice as a result of surgery on his shoulder.
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user avatar
Newgene98 months
That's so absurd, there's got to be more to it than that.
user avatar
Sweet daddy98 months
Charcoal and not crab legs Charcoal !!! That is mind blowing going to court the cops should be trying to catch folks stealing shopping baskets instead of Charcoal .
user avatar
Pavoloco8398 months
Ole Miss doing work in the stupid category of fulmer cup points.
user avatar
djangochained98 months
I would be arrested weekly
user avatar
SwayzeBalla98 months
Being arrested for that is ridiculous. Racist Oxford cops.
user avatar
TNTigerman98 months
Yeah, right.
user avatar
Jon Ham98 months
Sounds like something I would do because I either spaced out or had 5 other things on my mind. Arrested over a couple bags of charcoal? Get the frick out of here.
user avatar
hg98 months
Suspended from coloring
user avatar
CockInYourEar98 months
"suspicion of shoplifting." if you take something from a store without paying for it, isn't that what shoplifting is? That's what he did. So isn't it just 'shoplifting?' Can one be arrested for suspicion of murder, or suspicion of grand theft?
user avatar
GoldenReb98 months
CockInYourEar, Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty. It is not a new concept.
user avatar
MoarKilometers98 months
Somehow after the red lobster stuff I expected crab legs. You can't grill some cheddar bay biscuits.
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