Sometimes those restroom lines are just too long...
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SwampyWaters3 months
It's a reflection of our pathetic society! He should be arrested and never allowed back into a college football game!
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JackieTreehorn3 months
Society is damn close to its nadir.
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Arkapigdiesel3 months
Oh no! Drunk dude pisses in public! The horror!
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genuineLSUtiger3 months
It’s just water and minerals.
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cajunmud3 months
There was no holding that one back.
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Ssubba3 months
If you have to go this bad you just cut in line and tag team a urinal.
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Croot3 months
Everyday occurrence in Portland
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BabyTac3 months
Damn, at least get some buddies to surround and hide you. I’m more surprised that nobody walking by seemed to even make a reaction.
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KeepBrianKelly3 months
When you got to go... you got to go.
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Crimson1st3 months
When you gotta go, ain’t no stopping the flow!
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Sevensblue3 months
Disgusting douche bag.
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surgicalvenom3 months
Brown people fight,
White people public urination
Can't wait to see what the Brothas got cooked up.
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