We all have our Super Bowl. This Louisville fan found his last night...
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BabyTac3 months
Didn’t look like a real golf hole. More of a hockey net. Not impossible.
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intellligent3 months
Clearly it's not impossible...
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YMCA3 months
I’d make fun of him, but I won a Harley at an arena football game in Shreveport back in the day and ran around the field like I was an airplane or some shite and then did the Lambeau leap into the group I was there with.
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JackieTreehorn3 months
shite tastes like Old Charter
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iwyLSUiwy3 months
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Barbellthor3 months
So, delicious.
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jbird73 months
I’d be acting the same way. That shite is delicious and extremely hard to find.
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Shaq4prez3 months
guarantee you wouldn't know the difference in a blind taste test with Buffalo Trace. I'd be selling that bottle with the quickness. likely to someone like you lol
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Lynxrufus20123 months
Yes, he would. Different mash bill. Buffalo Trace is a ryed bourbon and Pappy is wheated. Now, Weller has the same mash bill so it would be harder. Agree though, I would cash it in and buy many bottles of other bourbons.
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Tiger19443 months
Any Weller is good, and 12 yr old Weller is known as poor man's pappy.
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