ESPN's Jay Bilas Knows Why Court Storming Will Not Get Banned, here's...
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After Duke star Kyle Filipowski was injured during Saturday's court storm at Wake Forest, the calls for college basketball to ban court storming are growing. ESPN Jay Bilas shared his thoughts on why that won't happen...

“It’s got to stop but it’s not going to,” Bilas said on ESPN. “There’s no appetite in college basketball to stop it. The SEC has a rule against it but the institutions are happy to pay the fine because they like the visual. And the truth is, we in the media like the visual too.

“We put it at the end of every highlight. Years ago, when people used to run out on the field or on the floor, we wouldn’t show it. That was our policy. We don’t have that kind of policies with court stormings. We like it. It’s not stopping and it’s a shame.”
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gamecockman122 months
Storming the court definitely needs to stay.
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GeauxTigers14102 months
In basketball, 3 minutes on the clock after the final buzzer. Game is not over and technical fouls can still be called if fans rush the court before the 3 minutes are up.
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OchoDedos2 months
There's no policing stupid, especially this generation of college types
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POTUS20242 months
It's really not hard to storm the court or field without plowing into a player. Arrest the idiot fans, charge them, sue them. Then they'll look where they're going.
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TouchdownTony2 months
Well said Jay. The court/field should be for players/coaches/staff ONLY. A team should be able to enter and leave without threat of injury from stupid, psychotic fans.
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OGTiger2 months
God forbid a blue blood player twist his ankle at a basketball game. Oh, the horror! One of the big problems with society today is that folks like Seth Greenberg and Jay Bilas even have a voice on television. Take your f’ing skinny jeans off. It’s an athletic competition and if not for the fans, the game wouldn’t even be played!
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brewdrees2 months
And it shouldn't, let the kids have fun.
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Akit12 months
Could just increase security for those initial min after a loss?
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grizzlylongcut2 months
I just think court stormings and field stormings are insanely played out to the point of being lame now.
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jbird72 months
I like em but I agree that they way over done now. Used to be once in awhile type thing for actually big wins like upsetting the number 1 ranked team or beating a rival you haven’t in years.
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brickyard2 months
Such a shame, Jay. Such a shame.
What’s a shame is Jay used to be one of the better talking heads. I guess, just like Kirk, Ryan, Reece, etc, their notoriety goes to their head and they become more unlikable as time goes on.
user avatar
SoFla Tideroller2 months
I think Jay's a squid. But, here, I think he's criticizing his own industry.
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