What a lame way to end a ballgame...
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SwampyWaters21 days
Wow, just another reason I don't watch MLB! So, you have roughly close to a half billion dollars in salary on the field and the game ends on a time clock violation. WTF!
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Rex Feral21 days
Baseball sucks now with these stupid pitch clocks.
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6R1221 days
Not even close but that sucks to lose a game in that manner.
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Jyrdis22 days
Did the announcer say he also led the league in clock violations? Lol
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Timeoday22 days
Frig' umps. He just wanted to get his name in the Umpire Record Book!!
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JackieTreehorn22 days
Look at that shite the Rockies are wearing. Good god
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When did green become part of their colors? I haven’t followed mlb for awhile.
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9Fiddy22 days
Ump called it right. He even gave him extra time.
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