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The Missouri Football program has received a one-year postseason ban and scholarship reduction, along with other penalties after the NCAA announced Thursday that the university had committed academic violations with student-athletes. Per CBS Sports:

Missouri football has been hit with a postseason ban for the 2019-20 season, as well as five percent reduction in scholarships and other penalties after the NCAA ruled a former tutor at the school "violated NCAA ethical conduct, academic misconduct and academic extra benefits rules" by completing academic work for student-athletes at the school. Missouri's baseball and softball programs have been penalized as well.

As far as the findings with the football program, the tutor completed coursework for six different student-athletes at Missouri, and "completed an entire course for a football student-athlete," according to the NCAA's release. The tutor also helped two Missouri football players complete their math placement exams. The exam is a requirement, and students are supposed to take the test alone and without assistance, but the tutor remained with both players during their exams and helped them finish.
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TarponKing62 months
Wasted cheating.
user avatar
HubbaBubba62 months
So... any players that DIDN'T cheat that are worth recruiting? Can't they leave unimpeded if they choose?
user avatar
TOSOV62 months
When was this all occurring? Wonder if bryant knew about this coming down the pipe
user avatar
Placebeaux62 months
They trying to fit in but it just aint working. They need to go back to the big12 or something.
user avatar
scleeb63 months
If we ranked teams by their ability to cheat, Missouri would have dropped from 39th all the way down to 102. SEC is slipping.
user avatar
TigerB863 months
Alabama needs to teach a class on how to get away with this so some Mizzou faculty can attend and learn.
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Pavoloco8363 months
Hello? Kelly this is Gus...
user avatar
A10Rebel63 months
North Carolina gave out A's in imaginary classes; no penalty.
user avatar
Montezuma63 months
The "students" submitted their own homework in the garbage classes. Athletes, frats, whoever. Mizzou admitted to the staff doing all the work for their "students". That is the difference to the NCAA's eyes. Another stupid ruling given by a joke of a regulatory body.
user avatar
SECdragonmaster63 months
Bye Bye Kelly Bryant?
user avatar
StarkRebel63 months
10 year show cause for a frickin tutor, what a joke.
user avatar
BoneDrownedDave63 months
Cheaters don't always win
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