Mike Leach Doubles Down on His Hatred of Candy Corn
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As noted during his post-game interview on Saturday, Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach is not a fan of candy corn. On Tuesday, he was asked if candy corn deserves a second chance, his response...
(The Big Lead)


Candy corn is like first generation gummie candy. It was never ready for prime time. Whenever someone would drop some of that foul stuff in my bag, I would scoop it out and drop it in their yard before moving on to the next house.
Reply1 month
He's not wrong. Most of the old-timey candy made of ear wax and sugar is gone. Why is there still a market for this?
Reply1 month
He's exactly right. Candy corn looks, feels, and tastes like wax.
Reply1 month
I’m sick of this guys schtick
Reply1 month
It's not a schtick. It's his personality as evidence it has been consistently the same last 20+ years he has been a head coach.
1 month
Whatever it is it’s annoying and not funny
1 month
Go back to China.
1 month
The pumpkins are better than the corn, but the corn isn't bad either (so long as it's not the chocolate ones... gross). It's better once a year, it makes them special like girl scout cookies, Cadbury eggs, and the Christmas tree and egg shaped reeses
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The Pirate is not wrong.
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