Kentucky redshirt freshman Dekel Crowdus isn't shy about pinpointing the team's struggles in the red zone as of late one. He thinks that problem falls squarely on the shoulders of offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello...
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LouisvilleKat15 months
Perhaps that guy who's talking shouldn't run out of bounds short of the marker early on third down and maybe shouldn't be running the wrong route in the redzone on 4th down causing the QB to lose his mind after the play.
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LSUMJ15 months
Guy has 4 catches this year
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JR15 months
He will be heading for the portal!
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KCSunshine15 months
Q~~ are NILs like scholarships. They usually for a year. Can NIL potentially keep kid out of portal.
All I care about is if this is the way of college sports I hope Tigers do it right stay competitive ( have no idea wat that entails but no reason LSU can’t hang with big boys
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KAGTASTIC15 months
Welcome to the NIL money era. Kid probably needs to hit some #s to get dem bonus monies. KY coaches better nip it in the bud or they will lose the locker room.
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Lynxrufus201215 months
He isn't wrong but it is best left unsaid.
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PureBlood15 months
One way to secure a release from the team.
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