President Trump Announces He Will Be Giving Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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After winning the Master's this past weekend, President Trump announced on Monday via Twitter that he will be presenting Tiger Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom...

The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal are the two highest civilian awards in the country.

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Medal of freedom? Wtf? I love tiger, but trump is dumber than the ppl that voted for him, and that's saying a lot.
Reply8 days
You are obviously not smart. Tiger receiving this medal was eventually going to happen, whether it be TRUMP or later.
8 days
Well deserved honor for one of the all-time greats.
Reply8 days
Reply8 days
Trump is rayciss though, so he's probably just going to ask tiger to shine his shoes instead.
Reply8 days
I wonder if Trump and Tiger are milk brothers? Rachel Uchitel has been linked to Trump, and Stormy has probably slept with Tiger.
Reply8 days
What the hells a milk brother
8 days
Is this like Eskimo Brothers?
8 days
No word on if representatives from Perkins will be in attendance.
Reply8 days
who's banged more skank? not jelly either.........would really like to know.
Reply8 days
Racist? Can’t wait to watch the MSM try to spin this
Reply8 days
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