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Multiple sources are reporting that Georgia backup quarterback Justin Fields is considering transferring out of the program. Per ESPN:

Georgia freshman quarterback Justin Fields is exploring the possibility of transferring, though he hasn't yet told the Bulldogs' coaching staff that he's leaving, sources told ESPN on Monday.

Fields, the No. 1 recruit in the 2018 ESPN 300, is looking into whether to transfer to another school in January, instead of possibly spending the next two seasons behind Georgia starter Jake Fromm.

Unless Fields can obtain a hardship waiver from the NCAA, he would have to sit out the 2019 season under transfer rules.

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225Tyga62 months
Whats that old saying? If you cant beat em...JOIN EM!! come on Justin, we welcome you with open arms
user avatar
Spaceman Spiff62 months
Good riddance. And to pull the race card? Please.
user avatar
SmelvinRat62 months
And he ges to the next school and can't beat out the starter. What then?
user avatar
BobABooey62 months
He gets a Bama diploma and a standing ovation from the slack-jawed yokels in attendance.
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SailorGator62 months
still can't believe he didn't pick uf with mullen. if there was ever a mullen type qb. i could understand if fromm wasn't there, but wtf fields.
user avatar
MC560162 months
Come on down
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