Georgia’s sophomore TE Brock Bowers has landed a tasty sponsorship with a local fast-food institutio
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Georgia’s sophomore TE Brock Bowers has landed a killer sponsorship deal with Zaxby’s, a Southern-based chicken franchise whose headquarters are located in Athens, Georgia.
According to an official press release, Bowers will appear at corporate and philanthropic events on Zaxby’s behalf and promote branded content on his social media account...
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“Ever since I committed to Georgia, I have been a fan of everything Athens has to offer. That goes doubly so for the Athens-based Zaxby’s,” Bowers said. “To that end, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are teaming up. From charity events to community fundraising, Zaxby’s shares my passion for making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our community. Plus, the chicken is fire.”
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tigerbait12123 months
This made me want to go to Cane's isntead
user avatar
atltiger648723 months
sorry, but I've had both Zaxby's and Cane's. Zaxby's is better.
user avatar
ImBatman23 months
Canes is too bland.
user avatar
Morpheus23 months
Lucky dude fried chicken is my Kryptonite
user avatar
TigerLord202023 months
New Iberia haircut variant feathered
user avatar
Play_Neck23 months
user avatar
Klark Kent23 months
that haircut. just shave it.
user avatar
Hangit23 months
They neglected to say how much money he gets for all the little chores he will do for them.
user avatar
dehsloot23 months
Zaxby's sauce is fire, chicken is okay.
user avatar
Clark1423 months
Bowers is a very good player.
user avatar
Tiger198823 months
They have been paying this bastard since before he walked in campus
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