Stephen A. Smith Shot Someone On 'General Hospital' Yesterday
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I was unaware of this, but apparently ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has a recurring role on General Hospital. And on yesterday's episode he got to be the hero...

What a world we live in.

(The Big Lead)
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Cheesy as a high school play.
Reply5 days
Looks fake
Reply5 days
I'm starting a gofundme for the victim of this heroic shooting. RIP in peace.
Reply5 days
I would have assumed stevie is anti gun
Reply5 days
Hold on just a second. Stephen A. Smith is on General Hospital?
Reply5 days
He's auditioning for day time soaps. ESPN is getting ready to can his ass!
5 days
Too bad it wasn't him that got shot.
Reply5 days
All this black on black crime has got to stop
Reply5 days
Yep...ole Steven A. Smith is hero alright. Need to honor him with a National Holiday and Awards Presentation! Wait a minute a black guy being shot and killed by another black guy? What's the narriitive here? Nothing here the liberal arse news media can exploit and sensationalize.
Reply5 days
Frick that guy.
Reply5 days
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