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OGTiger1 month
Dog never flinched or lost composure. Give him the ribbon! ??
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TX Tiger1 month
I didn't realize that Jackie Gleason was still alive.
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skiboman11 month
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Timeoday1 month
You know that dog kicked his a$$ when they got home!!
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Cwils22221 month
This made me laugh
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WaltTeevens1 month
Dog shows are weird AF
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HillabeeBaw1 month
Looks like one of those bayou alligator catchin' baws
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diat1501 month
Might have saved the dog from being molested
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Morpheus1 month
Lesson to learn here, is to take better care of yourself than your Dog.
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cajunmud1 month
Dog: uh huh, now somebody yank his chain.
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TooSober1 month
Thank God he didn't land on the dog.
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slinger13171 month
Is that Chris Christie??
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Bige111 month
Rarely is this actually true but I actually lol at this post
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