Check out Florida’s J.J. Schwartz break his metal bat in two on this hit a two-run single against Vanderbilt on Saturday...
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DBcUper84 months
user avatar
Cheese Grits84 months
user avatar
LSU$$$84 months
why is Vandy wearing blue and red?
user avatar
ShlikStyck84 months
they been doing this "American" theme lately. Had another uni the other day.
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BowlJackson84 months
*Schwarz At least get the kids name right, Larry.
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LSUAlum200184 months
Composite or Aluminum handle?
user avatar
roadGator84 months
All alluminum
user avatar
Purple Spoon84 months
Surprised this doesn't happen more the way those bats are made.
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justausedcarguy84 months
Aren't most of them 2 pieces? I've seen a few come apart when the ball was hit down close to where they're put together.
user avatar
theBru84 months
Maybe I should start a bat inspection company...
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