One of the best high school football players in the country had his Florida scholarship offer pulled this weekend after he was seen on video rapping a racial slur...

Marcus Stokes posted the quick, two-second clip on his social media page last week -- appearing to show the quarterback recruit singing, "Welcome back, n***a."

Almost immediately afterward, the Nease H.S. athlete, who's white, received backlash for it ... and on Sunday, the Univ. of Florida made the decision to pull their offer from him.

Stokes had been committed to attending the school since early July.

"I was in my car listening to rap music, rapping along to the words and posted a video of it on social media," Stokes explained on his Twitter page on Sunday.

"I deeply apologize for the words in the song that I chose to say. It was hurtful and offensive to many people, and I regret that."

Stokes continued, "I fully accept the consequences for my actions, and I respect the University of Florida's decision to withdraw my scholarship offer to play football.
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WhoDatNC15 months
This kid will appreciate what just happened to him.
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CaptainKirk8015 months
Well, He dodged a bullet. He will be fine
user avatar
Hellmet15 months
Did he end it with an a? I know plenty of white people who say it with an a. If you are around black people enough it’s just habit.
user avatar
TFH15 months
“People who annoy you”
user avatar
Bayou15 months
If he was Black would he be ok to say it?
user avatar
lsuohiofan15 months
He was singing a song. A terrible song but it is a song. I remember my parents mad at me for Ozzy Osborne but they didn't fire me.
user avatar
Black n Gold15 months
It's like I tell my teenage son, rap music is often a trap used to lull white kids into thinking black people see beyond their skin tone.
user avatar
sportjunkie6915 months
Damn, that's harsh for Napier to pull the scholly from his own kid.
user avatar
Barbellthor15 months
Oh, what TF!! UForfeit, trashy as always. Go to a real school instead!
user avatar
conman15 months
Only black folks can call each other n***er. Funny how that works.
user avatar
Swamp Angel15 months
Just a question - Would the university pull the scholarship offer for ANY offered player/recruit who had mouthed the same lyrics?
user avatar
ForLSU5615 months
If your question is would they pull the scholarship if the recruit was black...answer is no. It's okay for blacks to call another person by the N word.
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