Auburn legend Terry Beasley, who played for the program from 1969-71, died because of an apparent suicide on Wednesday. He was 73 years old...
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Paul Finebaum had this statement...

“Words do not describe his importance to Auburn," Finebaum said of Beasley on WNSP-FM 105.5's The Opening Kickoff.

“I think if you look at the Mount Rushmore of Auburn football players, he is on there."

“At the time, it was the most famous duo in college football," Finebaum added.

“It was Sullivan to Beasley. Whether you were an Alabama fan, Missouri fan, Kentucky fan or Florida fan, you knew that one. It was golden."
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tigerpawl1 month
Truly a sad story. A thing of beauty to watch Sullivan to Beasley all day long.
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UnclePat761 month
This sucks. :/
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cajunmud1 month
Used to love those old live-action poses as a kid.
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TouchdownTony1 month
Sullivan to Beasley. As a Bama fan, Gosh I hated those words. RIP Terry. You were a great one.
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SOL21 month
He was very good. Played hs at REL
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scrooster1 month
Tragic .... he was a helluva ballplayer.
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au73421 month
Very severe case of CTE. Doctors told him his brain looked like swiss cheese. Serious health problems for the last few decades.
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BlackPot1 month
Suicide at 73 is insane. Really would like to know what was going on there.
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Ah geez, that's awful. Concussion related, something going on, idk? Tragic, never what you want to see.
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