Warning: this is tough to watch. This is Auburn gymnast Samantha Cerio snapping both of her legs during her floor routine over the weekend...

Wishing her a speedy recovery.
(Terez Owens)
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Takes the term, "Break a leg" too literally!
Reply20 hours
The video you want once you get well past a successful healing.
Reply5 days
She was doing great too. They said she had a leg up on the competition......No?......No?......Too soon?
Reply9 days
Will not watch.....
Reply10 days
Too much for a sport no one but their parents care about!
Reply11 days
Posting this video is worse than posting porn
Reply11 days
Poor kid. I hate to see any of them get hurt.
Reply11 days
why in heavens name did I ever watch that.
Reply11 days
Hopefully she received a standing ovation.
Reply11 days
She did.
11 days
God in heaven that was awful.
Reply11 days
The Double Shin-Breaker. Hard Maneuver to pull off.
Reply11 days
Always put your best foot forward.
Reply11 days
Wish you the best !!!
Reply11 days
What a douchy tweet
Reply11 days
Damn, hope she makes a full recovery.
Reply11 days
Well, she went out with a bang, a crunch and a couple of breaks. Left it all on the floor.
Reply11 days
Almost stuck the landing.
Reply11 days
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