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Some anonymous coaches are reportedly accusing Auburn of spying in 2018 because they couldn't believe Bruce Pearl and his team made the round of 32. Per USA Today...

After speculation had run through the coaching fraternity that one of the league's men's basketball programs was using a secret camera in its arena to film opponents' practices, the topic was brought into the open at a men's basketball coaches meeting following the 2017-18 season, according to three people with direct knowledge of the situation. Those people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the meeting.

The SEC did not name the institution, but according to six people affiliated with different SEC programs, Auburn was the team at the center of the spying allegations. With head coach Bruce Pearl in the room, however, nobody wanted to stand up and point the finger directly. During a tense moment, according to those people with knowledge of the meeting, then-South Carolina coach Frank Martin implored his colleagues to stop with anonymous sniping and say what they wanted to say.

Plus, proof was scant. There was no Connor Stalions-type smoking gun of wrongdoing, and the SEC typically prefers to keep such family squabbles in-house. After three seasons at the bottom of the SEC standings, Auburn had just tied for the league title and reached the NCAA tournament's round of 32. The Tigers' success only heightened the sense of suspicion.
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awestruck2 months
How do you RA these threads?
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RockyMtnTigerWDE3 months
frick you for only putting negative Auburn stories on the Auburn news.
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RECConspiracy3 months
Bruce Pearl cheating? Can’t be true
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weeble3 months
Unlike football, in basketball most of the scoring happens after the play breaks down. There is so much film on every team that you know what they are going to do before the game even starts. So you game plan what they want to do, and the game starts after that. So what good would spying do in basketball??
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PeleofAnalytics3 months
90 minutes that you get as a visitor have a portion spent running a few specific plays that you intend on using in certain situations for that game. It is naive to think that you won't get an advantage if you got to watch another team's practice.
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gamecockman123 months
I can totally see Frank Martin calling the other coaches out too.
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Dan Wolken's vagina reeks of rotten cheese.
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Thracken133 months
wow - if you are gonna level an accusation, be a fricking man and stand behind it. don't puss out and be anonymous.
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jbird73 months
If you don’t have any proof of what you’re accusing someone of then stfu.
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