Nick Saban Reveals 1 Piece Of Coaching Advice His Wife Gives Him
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
While speaking to the media on Thursday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban talked about the influence his wife, Terry, has over how he coaches...
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“Miss Terry always wants to blitz more,” Saban said in a recent interview. “I’ve never said this to Miss Terry, but I’m a secondary coach. And secondary coaches who play for coaches who blitz a lot end up sleeping under the bridge and twitching because you’re always putting the backend in a tough situation.”
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FaCubeItches29 months
"With your shield, or on it."
user avatar
qman9129 months
My kind of woman
user avatar
Hurricane Mike29 months
I miss the Saban/Muschamp blitzes from the early 00's
user avatar
Che Boludo29 months
Watch a UGA game
user avatar
4x4tiger29 months
I heard she kisses his balls before each game
user avatar
CrimsonClover29 months
Maybe she should replace Golding
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Drizzt29 months
I really respect Nick for marrying the first transgender. Way ahead of the curve.
user avatar
JCinBAMA29 months
I sure that would be your mom.
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RickDorf29 months
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TiderTom29 months
Shut your rod sucker. Miss Terry was a hot majorette before your mom was the wall clinging fugly wart she is
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