Many college football coaches had kind words for longtime Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, who announced Wednesday that he was retiring effective immediately.

One of those coaches was Alabama's Nick Saban who called Stoops a "great friend and one of the best coaches in the country." Per CBS Sports:

"Bob is a great friend and one of the best coaches in the country during his time at Oklahoma," Saban said. "I have had the pleasure of knowing him and his family for over 40 years. I have always had so much respect for Bob because of his professionalism and his integrity. The quality of teams he has been able to field on a consistent basis is second to none. We wish him well in whatever he chooses to do in the future."
Saban and Stoops coached against each other twice.
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Screw Saban, loved it when OU beat gump ass. Good luck Sto0ps
Reply6 months
Well, Stoops did accuse Nicky of cheating in that 2003 game by watching his in Dome practices. So theres that....
Reply6 months
Wasn't saying that when he whipped his arse and then rubbed it in.
Reply6 months
Damn straight he loves him some Bob. 2003 was the maiden voyage of the "Magic Midget" launched straight outta NOLA, christened with Stoops's nutsack.
Reply6 months
Not sure if there is an insinuation that Saban is lying about their friendship because they've only coached against each other twice. Plenty of coaches are friends and their teams never play. That happens a lot in basketball where the coaches have more control over the schedule and usually avoiding scheduling games against their friends so they don't put a strain on the friendship.
Reply6 months
It is big news bro. Every time Saban opens his mouth it is news.
6 months
LSU fans will somehow interpret this as Saban being a dick to Stoops.
Reply6 months
I think you're a there's that.
6 months
You're an idiot dick, so there it is
6 months
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