FAU head coach Lane Kiffin Is Saying Thinks UCF Could’ve Beaten Alabama
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On Thursday, FAU Lane Kiffin was asked this week if he thought undefeated UCF could have beaten Alabama this past season. Per SEC Country...

“Who knows? Why couldn’t they beat Alabama?” Kiffin told SEC Country of UCF. “They could beat Auburn. Why couldn’t they beat Alabama? We don’t know that.”

“[Some say,] ‘UCF couldn’t have won two playoff games.’ OK. Did you think Loyola-Chicago could win four?” Kiffin said. “They were a No. 11 seed. So what did that make them, the 44th team in the country? UCF was a lot higher ranked than that during the regular season. So that would have been neat to see. It would be neat if [the playoff] at least went to eight [teams]. Then you would have one Group of 5 team in there. UCF could have went in there.”
Who you got UCF or Bama?

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And everyone born in American can be president.
Reply11 days
Reply12 days
There were 13 teams that didn't beat Alabama, and that is all that matters.
Reply17 days
Kiffin's 100% correct. If it's a fair game, either team CAN win.
Reply17 days
Yeah, but he should know better than anybody, when you're playing Alabama, it's never a fair game.
16 days
"Could've" and "Would've" are two different things. I agree 100% with what Kiffin said.
Reply17 days
Auburn would have skullfricked UCF had they not just had their season ended by Georgia in the SECCG.
Reply17 days
That's a loser's argument. "Doesn't count. I wasn't even trying!" Weak.
17 days
UCF beat AU in a game that was the biggest game in program history for UCF and a consolation game for AU. Massive difference in motivation. UCF could not have beaten Oklahoma or Georgia then Bama or Clemson in 8 days. They could beat one team with a month to prepare, but the grind would get them. And Bama would've boat raced them.
Reply17 days
Never get into a bowl game that is meaningless from your side against someone that has something they really want to prove.....
17 days
F u Kiffin
Reply17 days
I think he is correct.
Reply17 days
UCF's behavior in the wake of all this has been pretty laughable but there's absolutely nothing wrong with Kiffin's opinion here.
Reply17 days
Gumps claim bogus NCs so why can't UCF?
17 days
Was 21-0 bogus? I'm guessing by the irreversible damage it has done to your psyche, football program and university it might not be.
16 days
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