Jalen Hurts Talks About Where His Relationships Are With Tua Tagovailoa & Nick Saban
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In an interview with ESPN’s Outside The Lines, former Alabama QB Jalen Hurts opened up about the special relationships he has with with Tua Tagovailoa and Nick Saban. When it comes to Tua...

“That’s a relationship that’ll never go away,” Hurts said. “I talk to him and kept in touch with him all year.”
And Saban...

“I’ve got a lot of appreciation for him and a lot of respect of him. We’re more similar than people realize,” Hurts said. “He’s a relentless competitor. He takes a straight on approach to what he does. And those similarities are exact reason why I chose to go the university.”

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Drizzt48 months
Nick would have walked over your body when you were having a seizure Jalen
user avatar
Hangit48 months
Late at night when he is laying there, alone, in his bed in the dark, he knows that Nick used him, then threw him away like an old tampon when the next shiny thing came along.
user avatar
CDawson48 months
And Tua was clearly better so he should have. The best guy plays.
user avatar
eddieray48 months
I wish him well. Not sure if he’ll ever be an effective NFL QB but, I hope things work out.
user avatar
Buckeye Jeaux48 months
Nick never loved you, Jalen. He was just using you, Jalen.
user avatar
JCinBAMA48 months
And CUM thought burrows throws like a girl.
user avatar
stewie48 months
Good kid, best of luck to him the rest of the way
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